Season 2 – Episode 4: How money can make you healthier with Ana Pereira
Ana Pereira didn’t study finance or business, but she has dedicated her life experience to understanding money and investments.  Through her own experience she has learned the ins and outs of what money really is and how to make various investments work for her to allow her to live with greater health, freedom and ease.  In this episode Nat chats with Ana about the various ways we can change our money mindset and make our money work smarter and not harder.

In this episode you will learn;

+ about various asset classes and what they are

+ what money actually is, which may surprise you – it might not actually be what you think!

+ what happens during and after a stimulus of money into the economy and what we can anticipate is going to happen next

+ why budgets don’t work

+ how to make my money work and why planning to keep some is important 

+ how to plan to have money+ redefining security around money and being diverse with investments

+ how to be radically responsible for your money

+ why money has a masculine energy associated with it

+ how to invest in precious metals and why this is the way of the future

+ how money can help improve health and why it’s not as hard as it feels to have more of both

All this and so much more in this episode.

Find Ana:

Ana Pereira website –

Ana Pereira Instagram –@money_mindset_matters



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