Season 2 – Episode 32: How to start a business with your friend with Jess Blizzard

Contrary to what you may have been told, starting a business with a loved one is possible with the right strategies, agreements and discussion. In this episode, I chat with Jess Blizzard, owner/co-owner of The Talent Collective, Daysy and Bickerstaff Blizzard as to how this is possible to be in business with your bestie, not only why you should but why she highly recommends that you do!

In this episode Jess shares;

+ How finding the right combination in business partners is the key to success

+ Why you shouldn’t listen to ’the people’ who say you should never go into business with a friend

+ What makes business work if you do go into partnership with somebody you already have a relationship with

+ Recommended strategies and systems

+ How to navigate the hard parts of partnership and how to use these to your advantage

+ How multiple income streams are so important to create

+ Why she felt called to start Daysy even though she had no health background

+ How she personally manages having so many fingers in so many pies

+ How important is it to continue to self evaluate and how she personally adopts this


Follow along Jess’ adventures at @thetalentcollective @daysyaustralia & @bickerstaffblizzard

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