Season 2 – Episode 28: Change your life with Sound Therapy with Rafaele Joudry

Rafaele Joudry has spent 30 years in the industry of Sound Therapy and is passionate about sharing the incredible benefits of Sound Therapy that has changed people’s lives. From improving hearing to emotional wellbeing, brain performance to brain disorders, Rafaele is here to show you how Sound Therapy will help you.

Rafaele shares:

  • How Sound Therapy is different from Music Therapy
  • The connection between the ear and the brain and how it’s far more than we may think
  • How the ear is the entry point to the brain and the connection to the world and self as it serves orientation, environment, connection and communication
  • What sound therapy does
  • How COVID has impacted hearing and hearing damage after the virus
  • Chronic Gestation Tube Disorder/blocked hear and how Sound Therapy can restore hearing
  • How Sound Therapy is anti-aging
  • Treating blocked ear has to consider inflammation and the muscles of the ear and why most people get this wrong

And so much more.


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