Season 2 – Episode 26: How to forage & why you need to eat weeds with Diego Bonetto
Diego Bonetto is an environmental educator and has dedicated decades to teaching people how to forage and live off their surroundings. In this episode he teaches how to begin to safely forage and why it is so important for more than just our nourishment as food.

Diego also shares:

  • Why foraging is more important now than ever
  • Why people come to foraging – not just due to food shortages but for home remedies, food shortages, a way to connect, to cultivate botanical empathy and to become a caretaker of the land
  • What do we need to look out for and why we don’t necessarily need to leave the suburb to forage
  • 3 easy plants you can start with today
  • The spectrum of mushrooms and what is ok and what isn’t
  • Why seaweed is a great place to start

    Check out Diego’s new book Eat Weeds: A Field Guide To Foraging

    or on Instagram @theweedyone

Listen to the podcast here. 

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