Season 2 – Episode 21: Recovering from Long COVID with Nat Kringoudis

Having COVID is one thing but around 30-40% of people who have had COVID are going on to develop “long COVID” or what’s also referred to as long haulers. In this episode I share my personal experience of being a long hauler plus why I was placed in a position to begin to treat hundreds of people suffering from this condition.

I share;

  • My own personal story and being sick when it wasn’t ok to have COVID
  • How me being transparent about being sick put me in a position where others started coming to me for support simply because they knew nobody else who had it
  • Why I ended up seeing so many patients for support and recovery
  • The difference between COVID and long COVID
  • What puts people at risk of becoming a long hauler
  • How we can borrow from history to help us navigate the virus and find comfort and education in this
  • The 5 different factors to consider in tailoring a treatment plan for long haulers
  • Other factors which impact recovery (nutrition, movement etc)

And more!

I would love to learn how you enjoyed this episode.


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