Season 2 – Episode 20: Creating Calm Kids with Keonie Moore

Having a child with extra needs isn’t just about having a ’naughty child.’  Keonie More is here to help us understand behavioural challenges with children – from ADHD to Autism, OCD to a PANDAS, her clinical experience in this field spans decades, including her own challenges as a mother.  In this episode you will learn some mind blowing truths you need to know if you are a parent or a loved one of a child with extra needs.

In this episode Keonie shares;

  • How to deal with the judgement of raising a child with extra needs and why it isn’t about having a ’naughty child’ but more so leaning  how to support and  navigate their needs
  • Why building self confidence is so curical
  • What nutrients for example Iron have to do with it and why supplementation can be a game changer
  • How finding what they are good at can be a turning point
  • The increase of diagnosis – is it because there is more awareness or are the more children suffering
  • How we can create more awareness
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