Season 2 – Episode 10: How to advocate for your child with additional needs with Sonya Reynolds

When Sonya Reynolds’ daughter was diagnosed with advanced epilepsy, she did what any mother would do and was “the good girl” doing everything she was told to do. Until she found it wasn’t working for her. In this episode she chats with me about how to advocate for your child’s needs, follow your intuition and integrate health care for your family no matter what.

Sonya and I chat about:

  • How to let go of the expectation that your child was destined to be born happy and healthy when they aren’t necessarily born this way
  • Why it is so important for the family to be involved in all aspects so that it doesn’t impact the entire family in a negative way
  • The grieving process even though the child isn’t gone
  • Mother instinct kick in and just how fierce she can be
  • How the diagnosis impacts other family members who aren’t immediate family
  • Just how important nutrition is for her daughter (and the family)
  • How to be courageous and speak up, go against the grain but follow your intuition

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