Non Pre-Sale in the Pre Sale! (Get Beautiful You, 2 days only)

UPDATED!  WE DID SELL OUT!  But you can still get your pre-sale copy right here.  ‘Beautiful You’ launches officially Jan 7th!

I can hardly believe it!  I managed to get my hands on a bunch of copies of my book, Beautiful You!  Now if you’ve been living under a rock or caught up in the Christmas haze, that’s ok!  But maybe you’ve missed the unfortunate news.  My book, Beautiful You is stuck in a warehouse (super long story), meaning it couldn’t get to you by Christmas as promised!  Yup – HEART WAS BROKEN. Many young girls and their hormone imbalance needs this book!

Biggest thank you to those who purchased pre-sale, I love you so dearly!  So please know, I was very torn when this opportunity arose, to offer a limited amount of copies for you to get your hands on TODAY.  I was so very worried that those who had already purchased would get upset (they now arrive Jan 7th).  But I thought about it, and I thought about it some more and the more I leant in, the more I realised that those who had purchased pre-sale would absolutely understand.  The hold up is totally out of my hands.  And so, here I am with a really limited amount of copies that you can get your hands on for the next TWO DAYS ONLY!


Get your limited copy – Here’s how…

You can get your hands on the special copies HERE for today and tomorrow.  After this time, if there are still copies available, you can still of course purchase but I can’t guarantee you’ll get them by Christmas.

Need more info about my newest and my exciting book, Beautiful You?  Of course!

Join Dr Nat Kringoudis (that’s me) in this eye-opening book as she tells you everything your PDHPE teacher never did about how hormones affect sexuality, physical health and appearance and mental wellbeing. She will show you how to make your hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song (and change your life in the process).

Feeling empowered and comfortable in your skin, understanding how hormone health affects your physical and emotional health, making good choices in your sexual relationships, and looking and feeling good – all this is possible with Dr Nat Kringoudis at your side. Let’s face it, as young women we aren’t necessarily taught everything we need to know about managing our hormones (or hormone imbalance), our fertility and our sexual health; even our friends don’t always share with us their anxieties about their bodies, or their emotional and sexual wellbeing. In Beautiful You, doctor of Chinese medicine, fertility queen and hormone health guru Nat Kringoudis will open the discussion on understanding your own body, balancing hormones and sexual empowerment.

Got Hormone Imbalance?

Maybe you’re curious about hormone imbalance?  Maybe you need a quick check in.  I don’t want you left wondering.  You can check out my quick hormone worksheet here.

I have no doubt, this book is going to change LIVES and whether your hormones are imbalanced or not, this book is jam packed full of information about how to understand your body, better.  Grab your copy STAT but be quick, these limited copies won’t last long!




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