Maria Hannaford’s natural beauty guide & how to get your free copy

This is Maria. She’s is a Melbourne-based blogger who is dead set on living well. When she’s not blogging, she’s working for a small environmental organisation all about food and sustainability. She blogs here.

You’ve heard me talk a lot about natural living lately. If you recall, I spoke about chemicals and toxins last week when I appeared on The Morning Show – view that here if you missed out. I touched on how they affect sperm and make it a little (or a lot) crooked – not great for making healthy babies. For women, toxins can skew ovulation and lead to miscarriage. We can quickly see this scary stuff needs to eliminated to make way for beautiful natural products that love our skin and our insides. Once upon a time, I didn’t give this a second thought. Nowadays, if I can’t eat it, I don’t usually put it on (or in) my body.

Natural products in the past may have got a bad wrap. They may have been seen to not do the job properly or they looked daggy. Not anymore – especially thanks to people like Maria Hannaford! Reality is, if natural products don’t provide the result you’re after – perhaps you need to look deeper. Terrible skin? The outside is the consequence – not the real issue. All conditions have an internal element – what we put on the surface is just the icing.


Maria recently put out this superb natural beauty guide – her post about it can be found here – free for subscribers to her blog! Maria has graciously permitted us to take a few shots, and show you a bit of the guide. Of course it is stunning! She has done a wonderful job of not only putting all the information together in the one spot for you – but she makes it looks so beautiful, you’re going to be left with no option other than to put it into practice.


There are tips and tricks from top to toe! Maria’s covered hair, body, making your own teas, scrubs, highlights for your hair even! Who knew chamomile or calendula tea could highlight your hair!


See – I told you it was good enough for your insides too! Just look at how amazing this looks and sounds. Natural beauty products are so easy to put together, they will leave you feeling amazing and best of all you won’t need to rob a bank to afford beauty!

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