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I’m not so much into new years resolutions, mostly because they’re forgotten about 3 days into the new year. But I had to come up with a few suggestions for the Herald Sun (featured yesterday – pg 26 if you really wanted to know) as to what they might look like. I prefer to think of it as to how you could better-fy your life, your health, your BEING, then why not?

So here are 5 tips to rev you into 2013. Perhaps you might like to choose just one and make a goal (rather than a resolution).

Tip #1

Grab your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Now I’m all about healthy sun exposure – less is more but nevertheless essential for wellness. And getting your daily fill of Vitamin D will see your health soaring into 2013. Just 10-15 minutes every other day is adequate – Vitamin D is essential for wellness, it boosts mood, regulates your hormones and keeps you body firing on all cylinders. It’s a must for all round wellness and especially fertility.

Tip #2


Clear the decks and simplify your life. That may mean creating a simple morning routine (lemon water upon rising or not checking emails before 9am) or to clean up your loose ends and create 5 simple things you’d like to achieve this year. By being clear and simple, it is measured and more likely to be achieved.

Tip #3

Fix 9/10 health issues by simply getting your gut happy.

Your gut function forms 90% of your health and therefore wellness lies within its ability to regulate immunity, digest food and make it ripe for the body to use. Did you know it can take up to 16 months to recover from antibiotics? This means introducing probiotics and fueling for maximum gut health to restore its function and put back the good bacteria. Make it your new years resolution to get your gut sorted and reap the benefits! Oh and if you’re not sure where to start – check out these podcasts here and here I shared with you a few months back.

Tip #4

Get back to nature

Whole foods are complete, because – they’re complete! Man got really smart and thought he’d muck around with food. Turns out – we aren’t quite so clever and the long term results of this have been disastrous. So – get back to nature. Always incorporate whole foods, avoid low fat, not fat, no fat, fat free or phat phat – avoid it at all costs. More than likely it’s full of sugar which is going to make you so much fatter than fat. Same goes for any forms of modified foods (think genetically modified) and man made foods like margarine which are carcinogenic.

Tip #5

Share the love

You know, infertility is more than likely affecting somebody you know. Chances are – you’re not even aware. And what’s more, we’ve gotten so wrapped up in ‘babies later’ we avoid protecting our fertility from the get go. This is why, I wrote fertilise yourself and until tomorrow I have taken 30% off my e-book. I want all women, the chance for overall wellness which extends to their reproductive organs. This includes those with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis or other reproductive and fertility issues. Remember my motto – just when you think your body is failing you stop – it’s simply speaking to you. So share the love and tell every woman you know – because you may just change somebodies life.

Happy New Year to you. Thank you for always taking the time to drop by, for sharing and helping me spread the fertile word. I need you! You’ve been so fab this year, so stay onboard and let’s jump into 2013 together!


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