Good Food Friday : Eat Fat Be Thin – Nut and Yoghurt Tart

So you’ve heard the news? My second book, co written with Andi Lew is now available! We’re so excited – the feedback has been overwhelming and people are keen to see how they can ‘Eat Fat Be Thin!‘ (I mean why not?!) Today I’m sharing a recipe from our new book!

Eat Fat Be Thin shows you why you need to ditch your diet, move away from the outdated idea that fat makes us fat, and get yourself on the winning formula to wellness. It’s a no-brainer really.

Oh and of course – if you want to get your hands on a copy – you can purchase from the website or by emailing me (if you want it signed… *cue bow*). It’s all about having your cake and eating it too! Stay updated with the latest news for everything Eat Fat Be Thin – visit our facebook page for updates, appearances, signings and promotions.

Happy Friday!





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