How to not get lead up the garden path – because you're not Alice in Wonderland.

Have you ever been to an appointment you were all revved up and exited about, to finally get that answer or find that solution you’ve been longing for, only to find you’ve been lead somewhere you really didn’t need to go; told things that didn’t make sense, didn’t innately feel good but left you really nowhere to go?  So you embarked on a treatment that left you feeling like you’d gone several rounds with Mike Tyson?  What’s worse is at times, being treated like a naughty brat – for questioning or prodding for further answers to fill in the gaps that you need to find your own answers.  So many women email me or cross my path who are bedazzled about their health.  They’ve embarked on treatment paths that just don’t suit them or they’ve been lead up that damn garden path like Alice in Wonderland to some mysterious doorway that they don’t wish to be knocking at.  You are so not alone girlfriend, so much so it’s not even funny.

Here’s something I know – for many, their current treatment methods just aren’t working.  We’re being led up that foreign path either blindfolded or through fear because we’re not too sure where to turn or because we’re seeking information and trusting our health with people who really aren’t equipped to assist.  My inbox is FLOODED with women telling me they just love reading what we cover here but they are too afraid to break the mould, to ask questions or argue with their health professionals.

Well ma lady – it’s time you got your grumpy pants on because, if you do nothing, nothing changes and as far as we’re concerned NOTHING is not option!

I’ve come to discover something in recent times, that is, without adequate education and knowledge, we can never make well informed decisions.  What ends up happening is we approach the ‘unknown’ from a place of fear which can be disastrous.  It means that we are going to our health professionals uninformed, not armed with the right questions and we sit down, shut up and comply.  The problem – we are all insanely unique beings.  We are all different.  No one treatment is ever going to suit us all collectively.  I’m not necessarily saying your practitioner isn’t any good – what I’m saying is we need to reconnect with ourselves to really gain understanding and to be able to each create our own treatment plans – based on what intuitively feels right for us.

My heart breaks each time I open another email and there’s a plea for help, that the pill isn’t working or that IVF is failing or that theres just so much confusion about what’s right from wrong.  It doesn’t help that there are two worlds that for the most part don’t sit well together.  Perhaps you can help me find the answer as to why alternative therapies are known as ‘complimentary therapies’ if we can’t come together and compliment each other.  Many have said to me, they just don’t tell their conventional health care providers what they do from the ‘alternative’ side because it’s brushed aside, they are mocked or looked at as if they will fail.  I mean really, if standing on your head made YOU feel better, it’s not harming anybody now is it?  Who’s anybody to tell you otherwise?

I want all women to be able to gain as much knowledge and confidence about themselves so they can go out and make decisions on what feels really GOOD and most of all comfortable.  I want all women to have a choice, to not feel belittled, or mocked or inferior.  You can have all the papers and credentials on the planet and offer all the best advice with the most genuine of intentions but at the end of the day, the final choice is each our own – I’m not letting anybody take that away from me, are you?

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