My girl Nicole Jardim and co-host of The Period Party is having one hoochy mama sale because – well 4th of July!  Us over here in the butt end of the world (aka Australia) aren’t necessarily celebrating July 4th, but we can all celebrate freedom non-the-less AND to help you do that much, Nicole’s Fix Your Period Program is ON SALE and it’s one you DEFINITELY don’t want to miss (not to mention the fact that it is indeed heavily discounted).  That’s what I’m here for – to make your life sweeter.  Trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Ok here’s the 70% OFF deal;

If you’re sick and tired of your period, if you feel like it’s always knocking on your door step (where do the months go?), if you’re ready for a pain free, easy, breezy and pleasant monthly visit, she’s got you!

Nicole said;

“I’m slashing the price of my Fix Your Period programs—from $347 to $97 for the comprehensive 10-week course. That’s a 70% savings. I know, it’s crazy!”

In-deedy Nickers (she loves it when I call her that), it is crazy!

But blink, and you will miss out on this super sale.  You’ve got until this Friday, to purchase so get your skates ON lady, click here for more info and fix your period once and for all – no excuses!

You are going to need to use the code FREEDOM at checkout to get your massive discount.

If 10 weeks seems like a little too much, check out Nicole’s other resources, she’s a wealth of information and has something for all.  You might like to check out her FREE 7 day Fix Your Period Starter Course to really see what all the noise is about.

OH AND ONE MORE THING… you want to know more, hang out, have some fun, pick brains and all that jazz?  Nicole and I will be jumping on a Facebook LIVE chat this Thursday evening 9pm AEST.  Mark it in your calendars because you are invited – it is going to be a hoot!

Click to shop….

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