Episode 69 – Matrescence – the transition to motherhood nobody is talking about

Matrescence is the hip new term given to the permanent life changes we experience as we move into motherhood and beyond. According to Amy Taylor Kabbaz, this is the time as women, our identity literally gets split in two as we evolve. For many this can be a very painful departure from our old life to the new, and often misdiagnosed as postnatal depression. Amy is an expert helping mothers be at their best, especially through this time. She is passionate about creating awareness to help us be happier throughout this transformation. Cecelia and Nat chat with her about what this all means and how we can use it to our advantage.

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Where you can connect with Amy:
WEBSITE: happymama.com.au
FACEBOOK: Happy Mama with Amy
INSTAGRAM: @happymamawithamy


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