Episode 61 –  Do you have Imposter Syndrome with Suzanne Mercier – Part One

Are you living with Imposter Syndrome and don’t even realise? The constant feeling that you are about to be called out for doing the wrong thing, even though you’re not. How does it impact our health and wellbeing, primarily around stress of trying to be someone we’re not, being driven by perfection, comparing ourselves to others and feeling we don’t measure up. Cecelia and Nat chat with Suzanne Mercier as part one of this series.

Suzanne is a performance catalyst for leaders, business owners and businesses, starting with mindset. She became fascinated with the power of our mind to influence our behaviour, performance and outcomes when she worked in marketing for Fast Moving Consumer Goods and in advertising. Her general interest crystallised into specifically helping clients move beyond limitations when she learned about the Imposter syndrome and that she had been sabotaging her own career because of it. She now works with clients to help them identify what they want to achieve and within that context, to evaluate their mindset to identify what may need to shift to achieve that outcome. Moving past the Imposter Syndrome herself and helping others do the same is privileged work. She gets to really connect with people, helping them see and accept themselves, developing the healthy self-esteem and deep seated confidence they need to make their difference.

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Where you can connect with Suzanne:
WEBSITE: suzannemercier.com.au
FACEBOOK: Suzanne Mercier


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