Episode 58 –  How To Keep Life Real with Luke Hines

From MKR to touring the country teaching us how to simply enjoy amazing food, Luke Hines is now a household name who helps us all to not only keep life real, but live a happier and healthier life. Cecelia and Nat sit down to chat with Luke about cooking on set in short shorts, keeping the spirit real and how to call BS on life when it is needed.

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part 1
0.48 – Why Luke likes to cook in shorts.
1.30 – making cook books is a long process.
4.00 – how did you get to this point in your life?
5.00 – reality tv was a launch pad.
7.00 – speedos and an apron was his choice of attire for his My Kitchen Rules audition.
9.00 – how can we be authentic on social media?

part 2
0.40 – have we come full circle with the B.S.
2.30 – let’s be tolerant and kind on purpose.
4.06 – be authentic, don’t try to be ‘famous’.
7.30 – you need an off switch from the social media world.
9.10 – what’s your go-to thing to cook last minute?



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