Episode 56 – Using Exercise to Manage and Overcome Disease with Dr Tom Incledon

Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses all have one thing in common according to Dr Tom Incledon, founder and CEO of Causenta Cancer Treatment Centre in Arizona – that is, almost all disease responds astonishingly well to exercise, yet targeted and specific movement aren’t a key focus in conventional treatments. Cecelia and Nat chat with him about how to hack your movement regime to better your life no matter where you’re at.

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Part 1
1.19 – After studying exercise physiology, Tom has an approach to treat sick people like athletes, with nutrition and exercise.
1.42 – In the US in the 1980s, women were told they weren’t allowed to sweat. How ridiculous!
3.12 – Tom working with women to show them that they can be stronger than men.
4.45 – Even 100 year olds have better quality of life when they exercise.
8.17 – Should we see a Doctor before exercising ? Yes, but if they don’t know what the benefits of exercise are then does it help?
9.15 – Treatment needs to be individualized, but it’s often pre-planned before you arrive at the doctor.
10.00 – Women listen to directions better than men when it comes to following treatment plans. Women are more open to sharing their experience as well and lower stress.
11.30 – You need a purpose in life to help you overcome your illness, and help your mental health, especially when you have cancer.
12.25 – Finding out where people’s heads are at before they start treatment for cancer is the starting point, and then working out their goals.
13.30 – People fear what they have read on the internet.

Part 2
1.30 – Cancer taken decades to develop.
4.27 – Tom thinks doctors need to be taught more about what effects the microbiome, and what effects nutrition and exercise have.
6.00 – There’s so much money involved in the medical drug industry that they’re huge influences.
7.29 – Finding a caregiver that can treat disease in a holistic approach is Tom’s suggestion.
8.45 – Yes or no question. Exercising with cancer, is it safe?



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