Episode 53 – How To Deal With Betrayal with Debi Silber

Betrayal comes in all shapes and sizes and often leaves us exhausted and tortured. Infidelity, parental betrayal, workplace differences, bullying not to mention within friendships and relationships. After her own experience with deep and hurtful betrayal, our guest, Debi Silber decided to dedicate her time and energy into research and recovery, to help us identify and move through the stages of betrayal and allow us all to live our best lives. We’ve all experienced hurt of this nature, it’s having the tools to deal with it that counts most.

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Part 1 – Debi Silber Podcast – How to deal with Betrayal.

– Debi has worked with Women who have suffered from Betrayal

– men feel the emotions and need to move through them too.

the 5 stages of  dealing with betrayal –
1) set up stage, mental physical, are used but not much of the spiritual and emotional
2) blindsided
3) survival instincts
4) finding and adjusting to a new normal.
5) healing, rebirth and a new world view

– are you more committed to your story than to healing?

– post betrayal syndrome is a real phenomenon

Part 2
–  what are the symptoms of post betrayal syndrome?

– Debi researched the feelings of grief and betrayal and found that they were very different.

– can you rebuild relationships after betrayal?

– window of willingness of the person who has betrayed has to be willing to apologize

– how long does it take to work through the stages?

– can it actually be the best thing that ever happens to you?

– take the quiz to see if you have post betrayal syndrome at pbtinstitude.com/quiz

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