Episode 47 – My Real Broken Heart with Jen O’Neil

SCAD’s is four times more prevalent than breast cancer yet not many of us have a clue what it stands for let alone what it actually is. But we should. Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection is a real condition for many women. Cecelia and Nat chat with Jen O’Neil about women who are at a higher risk, how we have more awareness and how to act in case of an emergency. Her story may just save your life.

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Seg 1

2.12 – What are the diseases that affect women in their 30s and 40s, have you heard of SCAD?
3.00 – Our guest Jen o’Neil tells us about her experience with heart attack at 36.
4.58 – We are in the right age bracket for this, what causes scad? Can we look out for it?  The victor change institute and the mayo clinic are looking into it.
6.05 – The first 12 months after having a baby is a risky time for this kind of heart attack.
8.00 – Isn’t heart attack an old man’s issue? Apparently not!
10.00 – Do we need to listen to our bodies and the signs they’re showing us?
11.00 – What did Jen learn from her experience?
13.00 – having a big thing happen in your life makes you take stock of what’s important
13.45 – Jen is part of the scad survivor group to offer support to each other.
14.58 – Women need this support from each other.

Seg 2

1.39 – Jen O’Neill talks about what happened when she went to hospital, and things weren’t as straightforward as she thought it would be!
3.27 – Being told things are worse than you expected is very confronting.
5.04 – The side effects of blood thinning drugs really were all encompassing. Including effecting her period.
6.00 – Managing side effects is something that Nat is passionate about.
9.07 – SCAD Facebook support group. Australian SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery survivors) or SCAD Research Australia.

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