Episode 46 – How to be unstoppable with Susan Hyatt

Sometimes all we need is a good pep talk and Susan Hyatt is certainly the person who’s going to help whip your life into shape. Cecelia and Nat dive in and asked Susan the raw and real questions on how women can really strip back the layers, see past body image, ditch the diet and live the life we all deserve and have fun whilst doing it!  Susan shows us how we can have it ‘all’ with the right approach.  Totally is an episode that will have you feeling happier, healthier and better.

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Pt 1
1.40 – who’s  Susan?
2.30 – she turned her whole life around when she realised she was burnt out from a life in realestate and became a life agent
3.30 – She set up her life with kids so she could have ‘everything’ but it wasn’t all she thought it could be
5.55 – Susan’s book ‘Bare’ is about women accepting the way they are. She bought her own book and so did Nat!
7.30 – most women Susan works with have shame and guilt about the way they look and their bodies
8.45 – women need to accept each other and their differences and we’re getting better at that even if we’re conditioned to compete.
10.00 – Creating a circle of sisterhood is the way forward!
10.30 – How do we get rid of what’s weighing us down? By keeping the things that are working for you and cutting the things that aren’t.
12.00 – Marie Kondo  everything in our lives!!
13.00 – What are Susan’s tips for dealing with stress?
14.44 – the invisible workload of being a woman.Pt 2
0.38 – women’s intuition is so important
1.00 – Cecelia wants to make a hand signal for women to give to each other to offer support – maybe a heart?
2.00 – all women know about the invisible load!
3.10 – what happens in our lives if we don’t free ourselves from food and body drama?
4.00 – it’s not about weight loss it’s about life gain!
5.05 – practicing gratitude?
6.40 – daily gratitude builds up your ability to disrupt a mental spin cycle you’re on.
7.22 – like Pam Grouts idea of seeing each day as being awesomely amazing!
7.50 – are you less self-conscious than you used to be?
8.33 – Cecelia had an experience with no make up on tv looking silly and had to say ‘oh well!’
9.40 – will we lose track of what aging actually looks like?
10.45 – thinking supportive thoughts instead of mean girl thoughts is the key!
11.00 – men don’t care about how we look, it’s women’s pressure on each other.
11.50 – what amazing things can your body do?
12.30 – where you can find Susan.

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