Episode 44 – Work Less, Holiday More with Amantha Imber

Dr Amantha Imber is an innovation psychologist who teaches people how they can implement innovation into their daily lives.  She chats with us on how to be more productive, improve your mood and positivity at work and how to holiday smarter and not harder (and not come home feeling like you need another holiday!).  A jam-packed episode with something for everybody.

Listen to the podcast here.

3.06 – who is Amantha Imber?
4.06 – helping companies become better innovators, why and how to do it.
6.30 – why make your voice mail and out of office fun?
9.30 – finding zombies at work to kill off?
10.30 – how do we get more innovative in our own lives?
12.00 – Chronotypes? Which one are you? are you a Night Owl or a morning person?
13.15 – take the morningness-eveningness questionnaire to find out your type.
13.30 – are we losing the ability to concentrate on a task?
15.12 – how do we tune out from distractions?
17.00 – unlimited leave really?
18.30 – hacks for getting the best out of holidays!

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