Episode 42 – Financial Wellness & Mindful Spending with Canna Campbell

Founder of the $1000 project, Canna Campbell makes financial wellness and money mindfulness look easy. Money worries can cause stress which just sets us on a perpetual spiral contributing to health issues and a pretty unhappy state of survival. In this episode Nat and Cecelia learn how simple it really is to create financial freedom with straightforward steps you can start to implement today.

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5.47 – what is the $1000 project, what’s the benefit of doing it?
9.58 – having a financial goal is the key for financial freedom
10.52 – it’s also about balance in your life and giving yourself control
12.08 – the most common issues with money and the light bulb moments.
15.09 – setting microgoals are easier to achieve than huge unattainable ones.
17.23 – how do you go about making extra cash?
22.30 – tips for saving and improving your life in other ways
26.00 – frequently asked questions, the nitty gritty and great tips.
29.30 – the most important insurances you need to have
35.00 – authentic wealth = self worth

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