Episode 40 & 41 – Keeping our Loved Ones Safe with Carl Collins

Our children’s safety is of the utmost priority. A subject not openly discussed is how to recognise people in the community who may be a threat. A somewhat dark topic, Cecelia and Nat speak with Carl Collins, a former senior child protection officer, about how we can recognise when our children’s safety might be compromised, about what we can do and why this is so important for long term wellbeing.

Listen to PART 1 of the podcast here.

PART 2 –
Nat and Cecelia continue the conversation with child protection officer, Carl Collins around keeping our loved ones safe. They talk about how childhood abuse and trauma can spill into physical conditions for women like endometriosis or pelvic pain and how prevention by keeping our children safe can pave the way for a healthier future both mentally and physically.

Listen to PART 2 of the podcast here.


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