Episode 149:  Why the Universe Revolves Around YOU with Grigoria Kritsotelis
Spiritual Teacher and new author, Grigoria Kritsotelis joins The Wellness Collective as a guest to talk about her new book God is Me.  In this episode she discusses religion and how she views the evolution of organised religion as well as discusses how we can live more in the moment to change the way we do life.

Grigoria talks more deeply on;
  • God is Me and what that really means
  • Why the  universe revolves around each of us
  • How we can  use nature to find perspective
  • Why safety drives us
  • How we’ve become disconnected from ourselves
  • How to live in the moment by asking “Is my mind where my body is? And so much more.
Connect with Grigoria:
Instagram: @glmgee 

Listen to the podcast here. 

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