Episode 135: Coming full cycle with Breast Implants with Carmen Kissel-Verrier

As an exotic dancer, Carmen Kissel-Verrier loved how breast implants helped her career. But as time went on and she went from dancing to her next career, she came ‘full cycle,’ and made the decisions to remove her implants. This episode takes a few unexpected twists and turns and dives into the childhood upbringing, her memoir ‘The Butcher Shop Girl’ and more.

In this episode Nat and Cecelia discuss;

+ How Carmen arrived at breast implants (590cc at that)

+ Why she started to question her implants, including signs and symptoms that were problematic, but also how the started to ‘get in the way’ of everyday living

+ How the right explant surgery is critical in recovery and long term health including risks and problems that can occur

+ Recovery tips from explant surgery

+ What she would say to young women nowadays about implants

+ How Implants can’t stay in forever and creating awareness around your exit strategy

+ The Butcher Shop Girl Memoir – the story of her early childhood as the daughter of a mother who was a butcher

+ How she became an exotic dancer and enjoyed her early womanhood

This episode takes you on a journey on Carmens life and she delivers some facilitating truths about a very powers timeline in her life.

Listen to the podcast here. 

Connect with Carmen Kissel-Verrier:

Website: www.thebutchershopgirl.com

Instagram: @butcher_shop_girl

Facebook: @ButcherShopGirl

Youtube: The Butcher Girl

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