Episode 12 – Babies, Post Natal Depression & What Comes Next… with Terri Psiakis

There’s nothing funny about Post Natal Depression and for comedian Terri Psiakis this reality became an internal nightmare – on the outside everything was peachy, but as you’ll learn in this podcast today, inside her world was quickly crashing down.  Like many new mothers may experience, Post Natal Depression (PND) pulls women apart and for Terri, she explains how her post natal depression was “ball-tearing” (we giggle), certainly not the introduction to motherhood she had planned or hoped for; doubled with a diagnosis of Post Natal Traumatic Stress (PNTS).  Ouch.

But we do not need to experience such pain alone, which is why we’ve opened the mic to Terri today.  Not only is Terri a comedian, she is a writer, a performer, a broadcaster a mum and her newest ‘baby,’ Hello Baby where she provides her expertise as infant massage instructor and she’s got some amazing insights as to the why and how of PND & PNTS…. and how massage helped her recover.  You’re going to need to press play below OR listen via iTunes, because this is one episode for every woman, expecting or not!

The Wellness Collective Podcast Terri Psiakis


In this episode you’ll learn;

Straight up – we announce the lucky person who is taking home 1 year of treatments at my clinic as we draw the birthday giveaway!  “Marty Farty Party” if you could please email us – wendy@natkringoudis.com.au.  That’s not even a joke.
+ Terri shares her Post Natal Depression (PND) diagnosis and she talks about in the course of her recovery she investigated Infant Massage and how it helps mothers bond to their babies.
+ How her sense of humour helped her even when things were at their worst.
+ We talk about managing expectations and how important it is to know when things aren’t ‘normal’ not just post-partum but at anytime.
+ The reason why the birth experience may contribute to PND
+ How in fear, there is a primal drive that kicks in.  It can affect the labour – which isn’t necessarily considered in the modern birthing model.
+ How Terri’s second birth was considerably different and how she took control – by making each step ‘ok’ with her.
+ How sleep effects EVERYTHING – not only how you function but relationships, how you see yourself in the world…
+ In the moment of birth a woman is the most vulnerable and the most powerful she will ever be.  It is an extremely sensitive time and validating birth is essential.
+ How essential the birth ‘debrief’ is.
+ There are mechanisms in place to set you up to be looked after in an instant and we should never be too proud to ask for help.
We’d love to open up the conversation below – if you have any questions or comments, please let’s get talking we’d love to hear from you.

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