Ep 31 TWC – Be Happier At Work (And Life…) with Kelly Magowan

Perception is everything but if we are unaware of ourselves and how other people see us, we can find ourselves miscommunication and certainly not getting to where we want in life. When we know about our own personality as well as others, we can use this as powerful information to help us get what we want in life. We chat with career strategist Kelly Magowan how we can find out more about our own self and use it to our advantage in life (consider your pay rise sorted!).

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In this episode you will learn;

1:49 The epiphany I had that the things I didn’t find fun, I wasn’t actually good at, so why do them?

4:00 Meet Kellie Mcgown, careers coach and Myers Briggs facilitator (game changer).

5:30 What the assessment is and why it’s different – not about classification but for your preferences in life to help you understand what you’re good and and why.

6:30 How do we live as our best selves?

8:50 How different people are in the way individually our brain works and our innate preferences tell us so much.

11:23 How these tools are applicable to every area of your life.

12:30 We explore the idea of being happier and work and how we can make this happen.

16:45 Cecelia and I reveal our results of our assessment.

18:30 Kelly goes through some pretty interesting truthbombs between introverts and extroverts and the various dichotomies.

25:12 We use the example of my clinic as very reflective of me. I don’t actually know what it this is but people tell me all the time that the ‘feel’ of my clinic represents my ‘F’ side.

27:25 Interpretations of our experience is going to vary in the one situation, from person to person all experiencing the same moment – being aware of this can make a big difference.

28:15 What we can do should we discover that the career we are in isn’t actually suitable.

32:00 Learning how we can be more aware in our interactions and encounters to achieve better outcomes.

35:39 Looking at our working environment and finding something that works for yourself as an individual.

36:35 Where you can learn your own.

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