Ep 29 – Caring for Friends With Cancer

Cancer is scary. When a loved one is diagnosed it is certainly an overwhelming time.  We wanted to create an episode dedicated to how you can best support friends facing cancer. It can be hard to know what to say or do, so we met with Cecelia’s good friend Georgie, who is currently living with cancer. We talk about her treatments, how she copes with the ups and downs and they ask her the questions we’d all like to know the answers to, so we can support others facing the same challenges.  After all, cancer has affected us all in some way.

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1:35 We wanted to talk about how we can be more aware to approach their illness and support them best

2:57  Meet Georgie, Cecelias friend who has had cancer since 2009

3:50 Georgie talks about her diagnosis when she was 32 and how she discovered a lump in her breast whilst on holidays in Australia.

5:00 How a lump is relatively obvious when you find one.  

6:00 Georgie talks of her remission.

7:07  What are the actual treatments for Cancer.

9:37  The integrated approach that a lot of people are opting for now, how we can bring in all facets for support and maintaining health.

10:30  Georgies latest diagnosis came about after lifting a bike and something happened to her back.

12:09 Georgies current treatment which has very few side effects and her treatment is around quality of life.

13:00 The mental state as a patient is discussed.

14:07 Cecelia suggests that what wherever we are given in life, it’s how we face (and embrace) it.  Georgie admits sometimes it is hard but for the most part she wants to make the most of it.

15:00 How Georgie finds it useful to always have somebody at appointments with her.

15:48 – Georgie’s hormones.  She shares of her partial hysterectomy and how menopause hit as a result.

18:25 Do people look at you differently when you have cancer?

19:47 How do we not let it define us….

21:05  Sometimes silence is better or being ‘normal’ helps.  As does laughing!

22:00  Georgie reminds us that uncertainty is there for all of us.

22:20 Fast forward 6 months and we caught up with Georgie again… to hear where she is at now.

25:25 We laugh at Georgies approach to her latest news “that was disappointing.”


Have you supported a loved one with cancer?  Did something help?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below so we can all learn from each other and support each other better.  I do love reading your comments too!

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