Do you solve or patch up?

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A chat with a friend last week got me thinking about how each of us approach our healthfulness, and our wellness. As a body, and as a practitioner, I have started to wonder if we fall into two camps = those who solve health problems and those who are happy to ‘patch them up.’

Let’s think of a car as an analogy. When oil starts to leak or an engine starts to show signs of meltdown – you can run some special liquid through it, which kinda plugs up the holes like blue tack, and lets the car run for a while longer without having to do a major overhaul. Sometimes, we do this with our bodies – preferring to run a ‘special’ concoction through it and keep on pushing on rather than getting to the core of the problem and actually fixing it.

For me as a TCM Doctor – the reality is that every ailment and illness has a epicentre. It’s a matter of searching hard enough or finding somebody to help you look deep enough to actually discover what the problem is. When you’ve discovered that, then find the best way to go about mending it. There are hundreds of examples of this in the fertility world – one that I have already written about – the pill acting as a band-aid, to cover or patch up conditions like endometriosis or poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Some treatments do not provide a long term solution. Eventually cracks will re-appear. In this case it may be in the form of no periods, breakthrough bleeding, terrible mood swings, acne and so on. I listen to patients who come to learn more about TCM because they have found ‘medical solution’ has come with a sack full of side effects, without great results. I see that this is mostly because somebody hasn’t looked hard enough for a solution, or because they have accepted an ‘ok’ solution, with the idea that “it might not be perfect but what else is there?” This of course isn’t limited to reproductive conditions. I can think of hundreds of examples including hayfever, irritable bowel (which in itself isn’t even a diagnosis but a stamp for – bowels issues), respiratory illness, headaches, and diabetes. The list goes on. There is always a reason and in my experience, there is always a solution.

I want to encourage you to look carefully at what is going on in your body and take the reins of control in your situation. If you have a diagnosis and treatment in place that feels incongruent, or isn’t a solution – it may be time to explore options. Realising you are in charge is empowering. You are in the driver’s seat of your body and heath, and you have a support teams of people waiting to help you steer a clear path to health. You need to find what works for you – which can be a small process for massive gain.

Your solution and support team may not be limited to the advice or treatment by one person, but a team of people and actions to support your wellness. I know what works for me – it is herbal medicine, spinal care and if I feel the need for extra support I seek medical advice from my family GP. In my household, the use of pharmaceutical drugs is minimal. Anti-biotics are a very very last resort. I prefer to remain holistic and allow my body to work through the issues. Again, I stress that this is what works for me – and the very point of this blog is that this is not the solution for everyone. The key is to feel well and confident with the solutions that work for your body.

I will be sharing a series of posts on what solutions other health advocates and practitioners employ, ways in which they have taken charge of their own health and remain in great shape.

The feedback I have received from my blogs on the pill has been outstanding. This sharing about how others go about maintaining awesome health might be another interesting read to support your very own wellness journey.


  • June 1, 2011 By Kel 8:48 am

    I like to think that I definitely solve. I try and look for the emotional cause underlying the physical. I also love my chiro!

  • June 2, 2011 By Lizzie 2:05 am

    I’m currently living in the US and the pharmaceutical industry rules the roost here. In some cases it’s helpful (my husband gets bad hayfever and is able to overcome a lot of the symptoms when they do occur), but the advertising and pushing of every kind of drug under the sun is very disturbing.

    Loving these bog posts to keep the issue on the forefront!

    • June 2, 2011 By NatKringoudis 8:50 am

      Wow Lizzie – that would be difficult and a great example of how you need to trust your knowledge to best maintain your health.

  • June 2, 2011 By Lizzie 7:48 am

    A late additional post sorry Nat 🙂 Just came across this article and thought you would be interested:

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