I hear a collective sigh of calm… Debunking Stress is HERE!

It’s a happy happy Monday in camp Kringoudis – because today we announce Debunking Stress, the e-course is now available!

New to Debunking Stress or perhaps you forgot this little gem was being served up so soon?  Well, I’ve recognised just how fatigued, sick, fat, tired, unhealthy, unkind (to ourselves) and down right stressed out we collectively are so I set about creating an event and now this e-course to help you!

Need a little more info – here’s what we are covering;

  • what the stress epidemic is all about
  • why we aren’t coping
  • what it is doing to our bodies
  • in depth, mind blowing discussion with some outstanding people who have shared their struggles publicly (in the media) and the techniques they applied that changed their lives with the likes of Aussie favourites – Bianca Dye, Andrew Daddo and Jane Allsop!  It’s like the ultimate winning team of stress debunkers!
  • techniques, tools and specific ’start today’ ways that allow us to manage stress

Of course, Debunking Stress will now be welcomed into the Debunking library alongside Debunking Ovulation & Debunking PCOS.

Here’s a snap shot.

Debunking Stress promo

It’s super, super exciting!  Share this with everybody you know because we all need a dose of less stress and more love.

Life isn’t actually stressful – it’s the decisions we make that allows us to determine how stress plays out within us.


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