Can one bad habit make me infertile?

If there is just one time our adult lives that we really feel the urge to leave old habits behind, it’s when babies are on the to do list. Thing is, getting fertility fit can be stressful – and that can be one big fizzer on the fertility front too! It’s a vicious merry go round. By now, you may have had the chance to read my e-book, where I talk about the specifics on the good habits you should be creating around your health. Truthfully, I prefer to focus on your fertility through wellness and health, not on the baby making act itself. Fertility isn’t babies. Fertility is having a healthy reproductive system.

So can one bad habit make me infertile?

As sure as I love coconuts, one single bad habit will be enough to flick off the fertility switch.

But there are two levels I’d like you to consider. Lots of little bad habits, be it through diet, lifestyle and general living – can actually add up to be one big problem, just as one whopper bad habit can be enough to stop your reproductive organs in their tracks.

These big habits I’m referring to may look like smoking or drinking, stress or poor diet. These factors alone can be enough get between you and your baby and they are equally important for men and women – in fact, often even more so for men. Did you realise that moderate drinking will affect fertility – for women this will delay ovulation and for men, it will present with poor semen quality and high numbers of abnormalities. For women, moderate consumption is considered more than two drinks per week! It’s not much. Men can handle a little more, but when your aiming for repair, it’s probably best to cut it out all together for a short while (3 months).

Here’s another thing I discovered after years in the field…

perfectionists find it hard to have babies

Truly. In the quest for perfection, the stress sets in – which as we know, affects fertility (I say by up to 50%). I had a patient in last week who’s specialist told her otherwise – in that stress didn’t affect fertility. I know this much. Stress affects us right down to a cellular level. It changes the way sperm look and the quality of eggs as well as ovulation as the bodies way of protecting itself. It ages you. It only makes sense it affects our wellness and our reproductive ability. The body is so so clever. Sometimes we forget that. If you are too stressed, your body is simply saying “get real.” Reality check required.

And then there are little habits – you know, the ones that all add up. They might look like erratic eating, consumption of poor foods a little too often, low fat foods, nutritionally lacking foods, irregular sex, late nights, poor quality sleep, poor water quality, too much exercise, too much work… there’s a long list. It’s good to live your life as normally as possible in the lead up to having a baby being mindful of what can stand in the way of you and your baby. One cup of coffee per day alone won’t make you interfile. 10 cups is another story.

Be encouraged to take charge of your wellness – get your reproductive organs happy and take some of that ‘guessing’ out of the equation. The baby making caper is hard enough without adding to it!

Balance is key.

AND if you need a little kick start – due to the overwhelming response to my January gentle cleanse, I’m left with no choice BUT to offer a February gentle cleanse that anybody can participate in. Details are here. It’s a seriously good way to reset the batteries and start fresh. I get many emails several months after these cleanses with pregnancy announcements. I wish I could share them on here for you to see.

The F word (fertility), always come with a degree of caution, which doesn’t allow for huge discussion or interaction in the comments section below. But, my inbox suggests otherwise! (and I love that) I mean, you may assume your fellow readers don’t really care about the timing of your cervical mucus or how many times you did the dead last month, but I can tell you people want to learn how to better themselves and if there is something your not sure on, you can bet your last tampon, Cindy next door probably wants to know too. What’s my point? Don’t be shy to share your experiences, comments or ideas in the comments section and create discussion. From the delightful feedback I receive, you all love the information on here. So take it to the next level and start to connect with like minded people. You never know who you might meet that can change your life!


  • January 30, 2013 By Missy 9:45 am

    I participated in the January gentle cleanse and it was amazing, I felt so good and have continued eating alot of the same foods just with some other (healthy) inclusions.

    After coming off the pill I felt so much better mentally but physically my body felt sluggish and there was something not quite right, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. After the clease I now have so much more energy, I sleep so soundly (and I wasn’t having bad sleep before) and on a whole I just feel amazing. I have found these are lasting effects that continue on after the clease (and even after I splurged a bit on naughty food at Australia Day).

    I am confident that my fertility will have also received a boost. However I have noted that I dont seem to have alot (if any) cervical mucus and find it near impossible to pinpont when I ovulate. I did find that 2 days after my acuputure appointment I had an increase in libido which I presume may have been my signal of ovulation. If anyone could provide any comment or feedback on similar issues that would be appreciated.

    Once again thanks Nat for the great cleanse. Such a great program! xx

    • January 30, 2013 By Jade 4:44 pm

      Hi Missy,

      I am hanging out for the Feb cleanse, and after reading your comments about how improved you felt after doing it, I feel even more excited about it, and confident that I will also yield some great results.

      I’m trying to conceive too, and have also had cycles where my cervical mucus was minimal and therefore difficult to read – which makes the whole knowing-when-you’re-ovulating process a little stressful! I can’t offer much guidance as to what to try to increase it, except for keeping on with your acupuncture (my regular visits have helped enormously), and following Nat’s tips in her ebook.

      Good luck with your fertility-boosting (and the baby-making!).



      • January 30, 2013 By Joleine 5:35 pm

        I too find CM difficult to pinpoint. I either have some or none – I struggle to differentiate the ‘real good stuff’ from the OK stuff which makes me think I’m not ovulating, as there really isn’t the obvious difference as Nat describes in her tutorials and posts. . I’m considering trying ovulation prediction kits next cycle – but I know some people think these are not worth the stress and pressure they cause? I never knew there was so much to this making a baby thing….

        • January 30, 2013 By mnfadmin 9:01 pm

          Fertile CM will feel wet. Non fertile will be difficult to feel or differentiate – focus on what it feels like more than what it looks like. Predictor tests can be ok but they detect the surge of ovulation, not the exact event and if you are somebody that attempts ovulation several times before actually doing so, it means you need to use them regularly. Cervical mucus is key and if you don’t have enough, look at ways to increase this. Thank you for your comments – I’m sure many others have the same questions. nat x

  • January 30, 2013 By Joleine 5:29 pm

    I know ensuring your body is in prime nick is the priority, but I really would love to know more about the ‘mechanics’ of making a baby! I’ve been on the Fertilize Yourself program, I’ve done a cleanse, I’ve been very focused on my and my partners health and wellness leading up to trying to conceive (I’ve even been talking note of cervical mucus!!!!!)… Now we are trying and I’m interested to know when should we be having sex (how many days leading up to predicted ovulation? How long after assumed ovulation? Is there such this as too much?) to give ourselves the best shot here. I’ve heard about the sperm meets eggs program – has anyone followed that before??

    • January 30, 2013 By mnfadmin 8:58 pm

      Cervical mucus is key to making a baby. Green tea is one excellent way to increase cervical mucus. As far as when you should be having sex – if you have read my book you will understand why it is important to be having regular sex all month around. Just confining sex to the ovulation window can be disastrous for all the reasons discussed in the book. I’m not familiar with the sperm meets egg program – that really is the aim of the game!

      • January 31, 2013 By Missy 9:58 am

        Thank you to everyone who replied to my post!

        Nat I have one questions, does decaffinated green tea have the same effect? I just find that caffine just doesn’t agree with me.

        • January 31, 2013 By mnfadmin 10:33 am

          I reckon it might – give it a try. I don’t see why not. It is the caffeine that produces the CM so it should be good.

  • January 30, 2013 By Stephanie 11:05 pm

    I can completely relate to the “perfectionist” situation. I’m definitely a planner. Although what I’ve learned is that ‘trying too hard’ or ‘planning too much’ can really be detrimental. These ‘bad habits’ so to speak weren’t helping my cause. I spent years using a thermometer and recording my basal body temperature, only to become devastated when it didn’t hit the mark I was hoping for each morning. This in and of itself was causing stress.

    I’ve learned the best thing I can do is let go, be present, and stop trying so hard. I really believe you have to be open to receive a gift. I’m focusing my attention now on being really kind and compassionate to myself. No one else is going to do that for me. I think we can all be our own worse critics. I’m being really kind by eating fertile foods, seeking out massage therapy, and have started a yoga and meditation practice at home. Each day I work on replacing my old negative thought patterns with positive ones. For anyone out there who is struggling and thinking, “it’s never going to happen for me,” I would encourage you to say to yourself, even out loud, “it WILL happen for me.” I believe in the power of thought and what you think about, you bring about. So show yourself some love, ease up on yourself, and allow your body to restore itself.

    And on the cervical mucus topic, I second the green tea. Restoring fertility is a great DVD I started using that I really think has encouraged cervical mucus as well. Good luck ladies!

  • January 31, 2013 By Veronica 6:51 am

    I know that stress can impact fertility, and all my investigations have led doctors and Tcm practitioner to one conclusion: I’m stressed.

    But being told my fertility is being impacted by my stress is just more pressure and stress! It’s like telling someone who is sad, “don’t be sad”.

    How do you turn it around?

    Also I have noticed in recent months my CM has reduced and I don’t find it very effective in monitoring fertility…even though I’m on a Tcm program. Maybe I’m just getting old, or, tired of sex!? Lol! Seriously, baby making sex isn’t all its cracked up to be! Will try the green tea though 🙂

    • January 31, 2013 By mnfadmin 7:34 am

      Veronica – I know right!? Your acupuncture should be helping. My line is “we can’t always remove stress but we can help our bodies cope better with it.” That said – our thoughts create our reality so think about babies and not the lack of babes. Affirmations work well too. Change those thoughts and create what you want. x

  • January 31, 2013 By Dipalok Barua 4:26 pm

    You must prevent the exposure of your baby’s food to bacteria and infections.

    Take care of your baby’s health.

  • February 1, 2013 By Buffy 3:37 pm

    dam perfectionism! That’s my problem through and through. Although i quit my job am now pursuing something i love, doing yoga, meditating, relaxing, living in the now, eating healthy foods, put on some weight, not drinking (anything..). If anyone else has got any amazing tips i might be missing, please tell! We’ve been trying 18mths argh… Must be peaceful with the thought that “it will happen”…

    • February 1, 2013 By mnfadmin 4:30 pm

      Buffy! I know right? But here’s a tip… practice perfection on non perfection. If that doesn’t confuse you or get you sidetracked… I’m not sure what will HAHA! You sound like you need to go out dancing, let your hair down and just have some great fun! One night off can be refreshing! x

  • February 1, 2013 By EMP 4:36 pm

    This is a great discussion! Green tea can be had cold for summer too (iced tea), add a small bunch of mint and sage and it will sweeten it naturally.

    I hear of so many stories of women who have tried and tried and then as soon as they stop trying they fall pregnant! Something to be said about that 😉 someone once said to me women get pregnant in times of plenty, food, sex, love, play etc.

    Does anyone have advice on how to gain weight in a healthy way?

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