Calling all Cleansers – My next Gentle Body Cleanse starts Monday!

Wowsers!  What a weekend.  It’s been a busy few days for this little duck but I’m so excited to remind you of my Gentle Body Cleanse which starts Monday!

Before I dive into that – did you see all the fun I got up to on the weekend?  I spent the majority at the FitX event here in Melbourne.  I was also lucky enough to speak at the Feed Your Soul event here in Melbourne alongside the two beauties – Ashy Bines and Nicole Joy.  I had a blast.  But oh so tired now!

Which is why I’m so looking forward to this round of cleansing – my body is screaming for some lovin’ and I’m so in need of a good clean and some attention – I do hope you are joining in the fun.  You might remember I wrote a post a few weeks back as to why cleansing will help to sort out your hormones and get your body firing along.  Cleansing is the key to happy hormones and hormone balance.  If you missed that – check this out.

Nats veggie stir fry

Just one of the recipes from the cleanse – my veggie stir fry.

If you want the entire low down of the cleanse you might like to read about them all here – this is the information from the last cleanse (so the dates will be wrong but the info all there).

To remind you of the Gentle Body Cleanse outline – here’s the run down.

It’s 5 days of a complete gut cleanse, cleaning out your digestive system from tip to toe.  We start Monday the 17th of March and go through until Friday (end of day) 21st of March.

For $29 you receive the cleansing guide PLUS 2 x 5 day menu’s from the past 2 cleanses meaning you can pick and choose from the menu what you heart desires.

You’ll also receive daily emails with NEW recipes (this is the new addition and sets this cleanse apart from the past 4 cleanses) and support to help answer any questions and to guide you through with ease.

This is not a fast. There is plenty of delicious food. You don’t go hungry – and by the end of it you feel absolutely amazing (so I’m told time and time and time again!)

To register, you’ll need to do so here. Then you will receive all the information within 48 hours of purchase.

I’m pretty pumped for this one – I hope you are too!

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13 Responses to “Calling all Cleansers – My next Gentle Body Cleanse starts Monday!”

  1. Tammy

    I would like to register for the cleanse but don’t get the Eventbrite website that I need to use. Doesn’t make sense. Can you help? Thanks 🙂

    • mnfadmin

      Just head here, purchase and then everything else is emailed to you. It’s just a simple way to have everything in the one place. x

  2. Wow

    I am VERY disappointed to see you endorsing Ashy Bines….

    You should be talking to the women who she ripped off and maybe ask Rick Simpson about her stealing all of his free material to sell for profit….

    She is a disgrace to our entire industry…..

    • mnfadmin

      Thanks for your concern. I’m not sure what you are talking bout but what I can say is that it was wonderful to spread my message to the audience of these two girls. I found them (first time we’ve met) beautiful women.

      Sorry you’re disappointed. I strongly believe I’m doing a good thing by educating women about health and hormone wellness. Nat x

  3. Kirstin

    Just wondering when you are going to be updating your blog with helpful tips for this Body Cleanse?

    • Nat

      Everything comes via daily emails not the blog.

      If you’ve registered you should be receiving these.

      If you haven’t please email me so I can look I to it.

  4. Marisa Gallahan

    Hi! I would love to register for the cleanse but it won’t let me sign up! Thanks for your help!

    Thank you, Marisa

  5. Ruth

    Hi, the link for your cleanse says it starts 17th March, which has obviously passed. Can you give an estimate of when the next one is likely to be?


  6. Teagan

    I missed out on this cleanse 🙁 Can you please tell me when the next one is?