PP Episode #107 – Are Your Thoughts Affecting Your Physical Health? with Aimee Raupp

It’s not normal to waking up feeling tired or to get a cold more than once or twice a year. This week’s guest, Aimee Raupp, explains what thriving health should feel like.

Aimee Raupp Period Party Podcast

Aimee Raupp is a women’s health and wellness expert, author, acupuncturist, and herbalist who is on a mission to educate and inspire women while improving their vitality, celebrating their beauty and guiding them to reconnect to the presence of their optimal health.

In this episode, we talk about what thriving health looks like, why you shouldn’t assume your health issues are the norm, the link between autoimmune conditions and fertility, the steps you can take to re-establish a healthy connection between you and your body, how to start managing your triggers and improving your health, and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:
  • What does thriving health actually look like?
  • The negative effect of health issues being normalized
  • Why it’s so important for women to realize they can actually feel good
  • The prevalence of autoimmune diseases in young women
  • The link between many unexplained fertility challenges and autoimmune conditions
  • How a holistic approach can help women experience thriving health for themselves
  • The gender bias experienced by women with medical practitioners
  • The surprising statistic of misdiagnosed autoimmune conditions
  • The four most common limiting beliefs that Aimee has distilled over 15 years of clinical practice
  • The impact of chronic stress and cellular hostility
  • Aimee’s top tip for changing your perception and managing environmental and emotional triggers
  • The conversations you should be having with yourself every day

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