Ananda Soul Creations – I’m a proud ambassador (and I’m sharing my discount code)

I was absolutely delighted to be asked onboard as an ambassador for Ananda Soul Creations. Based in Bali, they are the creators of a range of divine jewels and precious pieces. But it doesn’t just stop there. When Christina contacted me to see if i would come onboard, I felt so drawn to her cause. She too has a story to tell – her mother passed from breast cancer when Christina was just 18 years of age. It sent her life into a frenzy after already facing huge hurdles in your teen years. Christina felt compelled to drive home the message of self love – that you are enough, just the way you are. She started creating beautiful luxurious jewels to help women feel beautiful and her range is absolutely breathtaking. But what got me was her commitment to a project called The Safe Childhood Foundation. Christina both financially and actively through employment projects support this charity, which empowers women and children in the battle against child trafficking. I just can’t fathom the kind of life some women would be subject to, and this project tugged on my heart strings. Creating a safe environment for women and children to simply be who they are (a given for many) isn’t something we deserve – it’s a given right – but sadly not for all of us. I just love everything about what Ananda Soul Creations is doing to support women.

I’m also super lucky to be able to share my special discount code with you. If you like what you see – and even more so what these guys are all about, you can take advantage of 15% off at the checkout simply by entering the code ‘FERTILISEYOURSELF.’ (*happy dance!*) You have to see just how stunning their collections are. I was oohhing and aahhhing for a very long time – I couldn’t decide what to choose!

Most of all – I’m so proud to be able to create this community of like minded and inspiring people. Each and every one of us can make a huge difference to somebodies life – be it your neighbour, colleague or somebody across the globe. You just never know who you are influencing. The way I see it, my beautiful jewels from Ananda are a reminder to me, that I am helping to make a difference to women around the world and that feels right. Oh – and let’s not forget the colour orange represents fertility. You’ll find I’ve order small truckload of citrine pieces.

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