Why your weight is the symptom and not the problem

When I originally wrote this post, I’d just jumped off the weeks webinar with Lisa Corduff.    The topic of weight got me all inspired because we are so fixated on it, yet it’s the constant bane of so many of our lives.

I’m guilty.  I’ve watched my weight go up and down over the years quicker than I can burn off last nights dinner.  I get it.  We (collectively) are fascinated by it – some of us not necessarily willing to admit.  Yet the older I get (and the more I understand my body) the less obsessed I’m becoming – because straight up, weight doesn’t define health.

We chatted about causes of weight gain and there were a few stand outs I think would really help people understand their bodies better.

Your weight gain is your symptom, not your problem

So often we look at gaining weight as the problem when it is actually a symptom of the real issue.  The clue – understanding that where you are gaining weight helps point you in the direction of what the issue is!

As a guide, you may like to refer to the image we’ve created to help you.  It’s important to remember that hormone health issues will cross over, meaning you may have one or more of these problems going on at the one time – like your adrenals affecting your thyroid and so on.  But freedom comes with the clues that this serves us!

Healthy weight range isn’t just about food

In fact far from it!  We all need to nourish our bodies in the right way, but we are all a little different from the next person and that’s ok. Imagine if there were 1,000,000’s of me!  I can’t even.  But if your hormones are running the show, you can munch on all the kale on the planet and continue to gain weight.  Of course this also depends on our genetics, environment, liver’s ability to detoxify, stress levels and the list goes on.  The  ah-ha moment you can take away from this – it’s not just about what you put in your mouth.

Stress – we’ve just got to break up!

Argh, too hard I know, but stress really is a major player in messing about with our hormones and lumping us on the slip stream to weight gain.  It gets me right here too – don’t worry we are certainly not having to go this alone. I remember coming back from my holiday in Hawaii, a few summers ago.  I had the BEST time.  I also had no stress my entire holiday – it was bliss.  I didn’t take my laptop, I didn’t tune into what was going on back home, I wasn’t worried about the usual things that would get to me and I came back lighter and brighter.  Stress will make us gain weight because it drives our oestrogen wild.  Excess oestrogen will lead to weight gain as fat cells feed on oestrogen – but guess what, fat cells also produce oestrogen!  What a design fault!  Stress makes us age rapidly too.  Not even kidding it affects our DNA – nobody want’s that (I’m not keen to morph into an alien anytime soon!)


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  • April 5, 2018 By Cass 2:28 pm

    Hey Nat, could you have a concern with all of these, ovaries, thyroid, liver and adrenals and therefore put on weight in all of these places???? Thanks.

    • April 5, 2018 By Nat Kringoudis 4:38 pm

      YEs indeed but often there is a best place to start which can then have a domino effect. I’d say gut and thyroid is a great and safe place to start. x

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