What Is A Normal Vagina AND Where Did My Fibroid Come From? Episode 5 with Dr Shawn Tassone

I know I always say I’m so excited to share these podcasts with you but today I’M BUSTING because not only is this episode an absolute MUST for all women BUT my amazing friend, Dr Shawn Tassone has just launched his quiz to help you understand your hormones on a deeper level.  It is the FIRST hormone mapping system to help you understand your imbalances better.  Because you now know (since we’ve been hanging out a fair bit on here now) with knowledge you get to begin to take back the reigns on your health.  That’s what Dr T (and I) are all about – helping YOU help yourself.

So with this in mind, we should dive deep into this podcast and not keep it from you for a minute longer!

Oh and once you’re done, don’t forget to take Dr Shawn’s hormone quiz which tells you what hormone type you are. (or what you’re not!)  It is the very first hormone mapping system that he’s created from thousands of women’s stories. (40,000+ to be exact!)


In this podcast you will learn;

2:16 – What is a PHD in mind body medicine? (for a Dr who is an OBGYN) – Dr Shawn discusses the possibility of how your Doctor may actually be able to influence your outcome via their thought processes.

6:12 – How nutrition plays a role and for Dr Shawn is the biggest part of health with his patients.

7:02 – Dr Shawn talks about how in medical school they’re taught things in parts and how medicine hasn’t evolved into the idea that there is non locality – that is things aren’t just what we see.

10:14 – The expectation of the outcome (i.e. what the Dr says will happen and we believe it and it does).  How we can better manage this.

11:45 – How a genogram that Dr Shawn completed during his obsectrics schooling reflected that every single maternal bond in his family tree was conflicted – thus revealing it wasn’t any surprise he chose obsectrics as his career unconsciously.

15:30 – Labiaplasty and Dr Shawn’s thoughts about the idea of the ‘designer vagina.’  Shawn asks the question “why are women having this done?”  Where do we draw the line and say no, enough is enough?

18:30 – Who is actually asking for surgery like labiaplasty?  It’s an interesting discussion.  The reason we might think our own vagina is a problem is because somebody else has said so, not necessarily because there is actually an issue.

20:13 – Essure.  How I actually met Dr Shawn years ago because I wrote an article about him (I never thought I’d actually befriend him!) and the scandal that was the ‘ensure’ device.  A sterilisation device that was going horribly wrong for so many women.

22:15 – How physicians are trusting medical bodies to advocate for what is safe and how we trust the company(s) that are completing studies are legitimate.  But if a company is doing a study on a product that they are investing millions of dollars into, Dr Tassone asks if the system is flawed – worse still is that women are getting injured?

25:00 – The world wide obesity epidemic – we discuss how we got here…

26:00 – We touch on intermittent fasting and my experience with it over the past little while.  Dr Shawn is also a fan of intermittent fasting for patients.  For women, he advocates crescendo fasting and elaborates on how it can help balance hormones.

29:00 – Tackling the obesity epidemic.  How we again come back to food, the quality of food and how we are eating it.  There is no magic pill.

30:30 – he says “peanuts” FYI….  We’re talking weighing food and working out if we are overeating… we overestimate the caloric burning too often and sadly we don’t want to do the work.

34:00 – Fibroids. Whats the best thing to do – how are they best treated and why they are so common.

36:10 – Oestrogen Dominance can look like irregular bleeding, bloating, high blood pressure, fluid retention, irregular bleeding, obesity…. plus we are consuming exogenous oestrogen, Dr Tassone suggests around 80% of women are oestrogen dominant

37:00 – Dr Shawns QUIZ IS NOW LIVE.  Click here to find your hormone imbalance – it’s magical!  It is the first ever hormone mapping system and YOU can take it now – here.


Told you there was something for everybody!  Be sure to devour this podcast AND please feel free to rate the podcast on iTunes too.  We love your ratings, they help us do what we do.

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