Turning up the volume on that internal GPS

To me, it feels like life continues to get more complex the older we get.  There’s more to question, more life experience and let’s face it, there are more people that come along and make us dissect what we know as real.

I know I’ve touched on the fact that the past two months have been testing – that’s actually the watered down truth of the matter.  Life has been tipped on it’s butt and I’ve been standing here trying to make sense of it all.  But when I look at my life and the compartments it comes with, there’s one outstanding rule that applies across the board.

It goes like this…

The number one rule in business – trust your intuition.

The number one rule with patients – trust your intuition.

The number one rule with friends & family – trust your intuition (although blood is much thicker than water).

The number one rule with life big decisions – trust your intuition.

And my favourite, but the most challenging…

The number one rule in HEALTH – trust your intuition.

It’s pretty clear to me – the number one rule in life is to trust that inner voice, because it is never wrong.

I’m not sure how many times over I need to learn this lesson, but as life has it, it keeps showing up for me and I’m hoping to the heavens above that it’s not just me. In fact, I’m in the same boat as every other human on the planet, so I know I’m not.  I get it – my internal GPS is always on and always knows.  My stubborn head sometimes likes to decide otherwise, but eventually, all roads in that GPS lead to ROME, that is, the answers we need are always right there within us.

How good are you at turning up the volume on that internal tracking system?  At times, mine is on louder than I care to admit.  Perhaps you like what you’re hearing but you’re saying right now, “but Nat, it’s not that easy!”  It’s freaking scary to be frank!  I know, I get it.  But like any muscle that needs to be conditioned, it’s a case of the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

I remember the first time I allowed my intuition to kick into gear with my son Geordies diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. It was like a lightening bolt jolting from my innards that was screaming at me – almost as if I had no choice but to listen.  So I did and in doing so, I found my own way to be guided in his health and his needs.  I asked for what I wanted because it felt right. I advocated for the type of health care regime we’d embark on for him. I sat with Doctors of all varieties and I allowed my gut instinct to guide me the entire way through.  The first time I started asking the BIG questions I could absolutely feel my organs shaking, but the more I did, the easier it was and so I continued.  The more I applied it, the easier it was and soon enough, it became my normal.

Perhaps starting with something as big as your health seems scary, but maybe starting with a smaller hurdle seems possible.  Could you try it on?  When we can allow this to flow, we can take our own health by the reigns and deliver exactly what we each as individuals require. There’s no right way to do any one thing, especially when it comes to your health.  Nobody can definitely tell you 100% what you should do – you are only ever seeking somebody’s opinion.  Not even a blood test is a definite.  It’s open to interpretation – it depends on who is writing the report and reading the results.  It will absolutely change from pathology lab to pathology lab.

Just a few months ago I had the pleasure of listening to Don Tollman speak.  He stated that Doctors ‘practice’ their medicine (being western, eastern etc), on the ‘patients.’  It was beautifully reinforcing, in reminding me that the only sure thing is following that internal GPS and that everybody else is having a ‘crack’ at making my health sweeter.  Of course, there are many wonderful practicing doctors hitting the mark with their patients.  But equally there are very obliging patients that nothing seems to work for.  Encouraging them to turn up the volume on that internal device may indeed be the direction that gets them nearer to their goal.

I want to encourage you to tune in, to ask brave questions, get answers, research for yourself and sit with how that information makes you feel.  Perhaps you’ve gone to your Doctor and you don’t like the treatment plan.  Don’t do it if it doesn’t feel right.  Seek a second opinion, ask around, find your way and most of all find your cheer squad of health care professionals who support you to do it your way because that is the only true way for YOU.

Have you allowed your intuition to guide you in a scary circumstance and it’s taken you to an amazing place?  I’d love to hear your story and allow you to inspire others in this tricky business we call life!

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