The Wellness Collective Membership – EEP!!


I know, I’ve been going on about this for such a long time but the eve is upon us!  The Wellness Collective Membership launches TOMORROW.

You may have been following me for quite some time and if you have, firstly I have to say thank you for always being nearby.  The community we have created is nothing short of incredible and we love chatting it out on our special community pages or in person when we get the chance.  This is how we solve life problems!  The Wellness Collective membership is going to take this to the next level.  If you remember, back when I was producing HealthtalksTV with my loves, our intention was simple.  To bring you more of the goods in order to help you get information about health and wellness.  This intention hasn’t changed, but after saying goodbye to one of our ever so loved hosts (my heart races as I’m typing this), the beautiful Jess Ainscough, it didn’t feel right to bring it back in the same capacity.  So I’ve sat on it – for 2 years actually, waiting for it to come to me.  I want to say that’s not really like me.  I’m a high action, do-er.  Sitting back and waiting isn’t my forte.  But as life continues to throw us lessons, love and trials, finally this came.

I didn’t want to rush it, force it, or take it on like a bull at a gate but more so allow it to show me where it needed to go.

Perhaps Jess wanted a part in it in some way – to teach me to soften and allow the good stuff to roll out.  In any case, I’m so proud of what we have put together – and it’s just the beginning!

So, I’m here to tell you today, there is SO much to gain from becoming part of the crew. As of tomorrow there are a SWAG of epic giveaways to celebrate; in fact, 30 days in total.

30 days of GIVEAWAYS to celebrate.

For all those who get involved, you really have the chance to score.  Not only do we release our much awaited membership, our very first Radio Show goes live for ALL to tune into.

So you don’t miss out, follow us on social media and be sure to be subscribed here to the Collective community and you will be sure not to miss a beat!

I’m not going to be able to sleep tomorrow night!  In case you’re wondering what you get – here goes;

+ Exclusive episodes of The Wellness Collective Radio Show with Cecelia and myself.

+ Monthly webinars, where you get the chance to join or watch back on demand.

+ Access to our exclusive Facebook Community.

+ Gorgeous Artwork by our favourite artists and designers.

+ Ongoing special offers and discounts.

+ Frist dibs on special events, new products, invitation to special launches and more!


So join me in camping out tonight as we wait for this baby to go LIVE.  I simply cannot WAIT to bring this to you, to help you continue to take charge of your health and wellbeing.


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