The walk – for hope.

We raised the cash – $2700 in total!

I don’t often post personal stuff on here. That’s for two reasons. One, I’m a mum and I’m more than aware of the sensitivities surrounding fertility and making babies. Step sideways from that for a tick, and I hope that people would expect no less (that I can make babies myself), because really – I am the example. I’m cool with that and I hope I can inspire others to lead the most fertile life possible – to be happy and healthy inside and out. That brings me to reason number two -and that is, I don’t wish to bore you. But this was too special not to share, and hopefully you’re not bored.

Just before easter I was asked to do a guest post over at Potty Mouth Mama – you might like to take a read. I shared there about my new baby son Geordie, and his diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), my approach as an alternative medicine practitioner as well as my personal feelings surrounding our situation. I felt it was the right place to do so and the response was overwhelming. Well, yesterday – we participated in the Cystic Fibrosis fun run – Angling for a Cure, to raise money for research, which might I add is going ahead in leaps and bounds with regard to CF. I was so proud of our team raising $2700! In fact, I’m still blown away by the support and love our friends and family continue to show us – we are very, very blessed.

We had a ball – I have proof! I also have crazy friends, who I love to bits. They are also going to hate on me for this! Thanks for your support beautiful friends and family (and all those who donated!), we are forever grateful.

Sam conducted the pre-warm up. She’s quite the bendy type. She also raised $870 HERSELF. She is one woman with a whole lotta drive. She’s ace.

Becca participated. Judging by the replies on her facebook page, this is a huge deal. Not because she didn’t want to support us (far from it actually) but because I’ve learn’t that fun runs haven’t been her ‘thing’ in the past. Well, I must say I’m feeling pretty chuffed that we could break her in. She’s an inspiration. We’ll sign her up for a marathon in the very near future.

I agree, quite possibly the cutest photo you will see here today. The two lovers ran. How cute is this picture? Meet Dante, he’s Livvi’s boyfriend and also my BFF’s son. He also has CF. Yup – what are the chances of that? Olivia and Dante broke up today – but the sometimes rocky relationship was back on by the end of the day. He also told us that Livvi was his ‘cutie.’ It is love.

Amy got in a few Geordie cuddles. Amy is my PA. She also saves my butt. Every. Day. We all love Amy – but she is mine to keep. We’re also really pleased that Geordie could wear his trainers. They came in handy for his sprints.

and finally… Geordie had something to say (hmmm a little rude but I can’t help it)

and if you are still left scratching your head… you might like to check out his right hand. My translation is “stuff you CF! I’m going to win.”

Yesterday we walked for hope.

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  • April 16, 2012 By Becca 9:23 am

    Nat, this bropught tears to my eyes, especially the pic of Geordie – I reckon he’s summed it up perfectly! It was a brilliant day with a wonderful bunch of peeps. I had a ball – never knew a fun run could actually be fun! Big thanks to everyone who donated, can’t wait for next year xx

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