Episode 39 – The Realities Of Essential Oils with Kim Morrison

Are essential oils actually safe and effective? Can you really eat them and when do you need to be cautious using them? Cecelia and I ask Aromatherapist Kim Morrison everything you ever wanted to know about the realities of essential oils. If you’re sitting on the fence with essential oils or you’re an avid user, this is a must listen. Kim Morrison is an Aromatherapist of 27 years. She has diplomas in Holistic Aromatherapy, Sport and Remedial Therapies, Fitness Leadership and Homebotanical Therapies. (that’s epic!)  She is a qualified Personality Trainer and has completed studies in nutrition, reflexology and counselling.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Wellness Collective Episode 35 with Kim Morrison

Here’s what you will learn;

3:17 – What is an essential oil and how they are made

8:00 – Safety of eating and ingesting essential oils

12:15 – Using synthetic flavouring versus essential oils – Kim shows how you can do this safely

13:53 – Olfactory memory – how smell can trigger memories

15:30 – Smell is underrated and underestimated – we can smell fear!

18:00 – How you can rescue your relationship/marriage with smell (pheromones)

21:30 – Smell drives our behaviour

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