The Radio Host WINNER!

Oh boy, this is flippin’ exciting!  Last November, we ran a competition in search of a co-host for my soon to be released Wellness Collective Radio Show!  We had a LOT of awesome entries, but only one person could win and to be honest – I was super relieved not to have to be the one choosing.  All entries were judged by our talented judging panel including my gorgeous friend Melissa Ambrosini, Manager Sarah Wagner and super talented producer friend Katie Dower.

In brutal truth – it’s taken us some time to get this together.  But it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is going to be FREAKING AWESOME!  The radio show will be accessed in two special places, on iTunes for you to listen anytime AND as part of my very soon to be released membership program.  What you will hear on iTunes and what you will hear as part of the membership program won’t be the same.  We’re keeping it fresh, fun and exciting and exploring health, hormones, happiness and LIFE like never before.


So without further a-do, please meet the winner and my soon to be co-host of the Wellness Collective Radio Show – Cecelia Ramsdale!  (insert round of applause!)

I am absolutely stoked that Cecelia is joining me – she is a delight and I know you’re going to absolutely LOVE her too.

In Cecelia’s audition email she sent us this;

“I co-hosted a breaks show in regional radio and an Australian Music show for 5 years on fox fm… it was a brilliant job and I just love being in the studio and getting into discussions!  When you have the radio bug you really have the radio bug!  Now I have two kids and work as a voice over artist, life’s good!”

So, we are now behind the scenes putting all this goodness together for YOU.  But I want to ask for your help, since it’s all for you.

+ I’d love to hear who you are keen for us to get on the show – name them – anybody and we will do our best OR if you know somebody you think would be great, have them reach out to us!  Simply email

+ We are offering some VERY low rate sponsorships options.  Perhaps you have a small business you’d like to be promoted on our show?  You can also email us – to find out more.  Adverts start as low as $150 so it’s a wonderful option to expose your business to thousands of listeners!

+ Have an idea you think we should also know about?  An upcoming event or memorable occasion we could cover?  Let us know – we have reporters all around Australia and are keen to cover events as part of our show.  Let us know any ideas you have – this is all for you!


As for The Wellness Collective Membership – you might be wondering what it’s all about!  In the coming weeks you’ll have the opportunity to find out all the juicy details for this exciting new ‘club.’  The membership will include special episodes of the show, webinars with me, gorgeous artwork and special offers and promotions.  You might have noticed in the menu panel above, on the top right there is a login for ‘members.’  Once we launch, this will be where you access all of the goods.  The membership details will be fully shared in the coming weeks with a SWAG of giveaways to kick off this fabulous program.  Keep your eyes peeled and start to get excited – I’m beyond PUMPED for 2016!!

I want to take the opportunity to thank ALL of the wonderful entrants in our competition in search of my radio host and our wonderful judging panel.  There were so many amazing audition ‘tapes,’ I’m sad I can’t have you all!  But do stay tuned because you never know what else is around the corner.

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