The Period Party Podcast – Ep #70 & #71

I’ve been so busy getting you all sorted on the FREE 5 Day Recharge Challenge, eating the last of my christmas pudding AND moving house, I’ve yet to share these two fabulous Period Party Episodes with you.  So, without making you wait a minute longer, here are the latest two podcasts Nicole and I have put together for you!

Episode #70 – The Lunar Pad Journey – A Triple Bottom Line Approach to Business

Madeleine Shaw+Suzanne Siemens

In this episode we chat with one half of Lunapads – Madeleine Shaw, a vertical e-commerce retailer and multiple award-winning pioneer in the taboo-breaking field of natural menstrual health.

Here are some highlights from the show:

  • What are Lunapads and how did they come to be?
  • Why switch to reusable menstrual products from disposables?
  • Period underwear have definitely become a thing in the past couple of years, yet these girls have been making them for decades: what’s new with Luna Undies?
  • Social partnerships aimed at menstrual health and education: the evolution of Pads4Girls, One4Her and AFRIpads.

Click on the link above to listen or on demand via iTunes.

Episode #71 – Conversations with our Body’s Kelsey Knight (and Emily Varnam)


One of my favourite episodes where we explore the idea of the 5th vital sign.  Kelsey Knight is a labor and delivery registered nurse and co-initiator of The Fifth Vital Sign, a project where Kelsey and her best friend, Emily Varnam, taught free reproductive health classes across the U.S.

Here’s what they talk about on the show:

  • The story of the Fifth Vital sign project: curriculum, format, highlights of their travels
  • The menstrual cycle and fertility awareness method
  • Breast awareness
  • How to talk with your provider
  • Birth control doulas
  • The future of the Fifth Vital Sign project

Click on the link above to listen or here to listen on demand via iTunes.

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