The Period Party – Podcast #75

Busy mums, professionals – heck all humans UNITE!  You are going to totally want in here.  Does meditation overwhelm you?  Too hard?  Too boring? Too… time wasting?  (actually none of these are an excuse but anyway…)  In episode #75 we chat with none other than new author, TV host, mum of 5 and all round legend Bex Borucki (her book ‘You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life’ has literally just hit shelves!  4 minutes?  I want IN!  Her claim to fame – she found mediation through SHOPLIFTING!  Um yes you read right.  Time to listen in me thinks!



In this episode;

  • Learn how this mom of five kids who owns more than one business finds time to meditate
  • Bex shares how she discovered meditation through shoplifting!
  • There are lots of self-help and meditation books out there just what makes Bex’s book different and why people are so drawn to her.  
  • Dispel some common misconceptions about meditation.
  • How you can get your kids to meditate.
  • Find out if it is normal to cry during or after meditation and discover the “type of meditation that’s right for you!

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