Bake for your mum for mother’s day – Orange and Chia Seed cake and a cheeky giveaway.

So I was scratching my head thinking what can I share with you to make your mum for mothers day and all of a sudden it was like I was smacked in the face with a jar of coconut butter. This is, hands down, the best cake around – our Orange and Chia seed cake from my co written book Eat Fat, Be Thin! Make your mum this cake, buy her a copy and… you’re sorted!But before you duck off to the kitchen to get busy – I’ve got something you’re going to LOVE. Our friends at Naturally Sweet have given me three boxes of their wonderful xylitol to give away PLUS 3 bottles of the flavoured stevia drops you can add to baking, drinks and sweets – without the guilt! That’s $60 worth of product. AND if you mention that we sent you there and enter ‘EFBT’ in the discount code section when you purchase, you’ll receive 10% off your order! Get on it kids! A healthy gut is a fertile gut remember?

Simply tell me below why you’d like to try Naturally Sweet and you’ll be in the running!

Orange and Chia Seed Cake

Ingredients – (Serves 12)

2 oranges – tops removed / cut and scored with a cross about 3cm deep.
6 organic free range eggs
250g xylitol
250g almond meal
3 tsp baking powder
2 tblsp soaked chia seeds


Place the prepared oranges in boiling water and simmer for 50 minutes. Remove from the water and puree the whole orange, including peel in a food processor, until smooth.
Preheat the oven to 160.c
In a large mixing bowl; mix the eggs and xylitol until light and fluffy. Add the almond meal and baking powder. Mix until combined. Stir in the orange puree and soaked chia seeds. Pour the mixture into a 22cm cake tin lined with grease proof baking paper. Do not use foil.
Bake in the oven for 40 minutes or until firm, but still moist. It may need to cook for up to 50 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin for about 5 minutes, then turn onto a wire rack and cool there.

Note: This cake is a really wet cake and can stay fresh for a few days. It can be served warm with sheep’s milk yoghurt dolloped on the side. The almond meal provides a gluten free treat and once again high in protein. This is a twist on the traditional orange and poppy seed cake, but the chia seeds are very high in essential fatty acids. It’s a great way of consuming chia seeds.

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21 Responses to “Bake for your mum for mother’s day – Orange and Chia Seed cake and a cheeky giveaway.”

  1. Tara

    I would like to try naturally sweet because I’m trying to find a great substitute for sugar sweetness that even my fiance will like. Then my whole house will be sugar free and I won’t be tempted by his snacks when I’m tired and hungry 🙂

  2. Leanne R

    I’d like to try naturally sweet cause I’ve recently given up sugar but I won’t give up baking!

  3. Alexandra

    I had severe gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and was warned that because of this I’m at an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes. Since then I’ve tired to be careful with my sugar intake but it’s a struggle because I LOVE sweet foods. Stevia has been shown to curb sweet cravings without disrupting blood glucose control.

  4. Lisa

    Breastfeeding a child, I’m well aware that she eats what I eat, and I know that further down the track I want to set a healthy example for her. I love to bake and I love sweet things, so anything to make my cooking healthier is a winner in my book!

  5. Jo

    I’d like to try Naturally Sweet as The Princess and I spend a lot of time baking and she doesn’t need all the sugar that recipes call for and apple purée only works for some things! Plus this is the year of change and I do like to try before I buy!!

  6. Anastasia

    I Quit Sugar with Sarah Wilson, but I am yet to try xylitol.

    I have been baking without it.

    Now could just be the time to get into it.


  7. Claudia

    I realise that you have written the recipe as above, but can’t seem to find it in my ebook. What page is it on? Thanks

  8. Fiona

    Sounds delicious, can’t wait to try it out on everyone.

    Two questions: are we soaking the chia seeds in filtered water? And for how long?

  9. Sarah M

    Oh thank you for the recipe! Just a quick question, I really want to make this for my mother-in-law for mother’s day but don’t have any xylitol. Can I substitute the xylitol for anything else? I have honey or powdered stevia or brown sugar.

    And I’d love to try Naturally Sweet because I wouldn’t have to substitute the xylitol in any of your recipes! I also think it would be great to have to get back into baking – since cutting down on sugar I haven’t been able to bake much as I find it hard to work out substitutes and am not much good at trial and error when it comes to cooking.

    Thanks! 🙂

  10. Sabrina

    I would like to try Naturally Sweet, because I try to avoid processed sugar where I can…especially at home.

  11. Brooke Okeefe

    I would like to try naturally sweet as I’m trying hard to cut out sugar and this is a substitute I haven’t tried. By the way your orange Chia seed cake is the best! So moist and yummy!

  12. Jade

    Wow! I’m actually shocked to find a recipe that really is 100% sugar-free! Most recipes I find have either dates or rice syrup in them which still turn to sugar in the body and are still a big no no for anyone with a fungal infection *me*. I’m just wondering if your whole book contains similar recipes that are 100% sugar-free?

  13. Merle

    I would love to try this because I’m just getting into cooking on my own. Sometimes I take a smoothie shortcut and these drops would definitely kick them up a notch! They’d also help me convince my husband that healthy can be yummy when I show him all the divine sweets and treats I will make with this!!!

  14. Merle

    Yay! I’m so excited!!! Thank you so much!! I just received an email letting me know I won….

    Can’t wait to try the Xylitol — I just read about it – seems like a great natural alternative sweetener AND I’m MOST excited to try the flavored liquid stevia!!!!

    Thank you!

    Love this blog.

  15. Alicia

    So… there is no coconut butter in the recipe? Just thought there might have been since the jar sparked the thought!!!?

  16. Karis

    Hello! In SA we battle to get hold of almond meal. Could I substitute it for almond flour instead? Thank you 🙂