The 6 Week Challenge Is BACK!

If we’re friends already (if not, be sure you’re following on both Instagram or Facebook, I’m sometimes hilarious but mostly tell bad mum jokes), you might have seen me sharing my experience of the 6 week challenge I completed before Christmas which consequently resulted in creating my own 6 week challenge.  You loved it all so much, we’re back with MORE.

The next 6 Week Challenge Is HERE!

So here’s a recap and how you can learn more.

The challenge itself wasn’t difficult and I’m fairly certain anybody could do it in some capacity.  Many of you kept asking if I could share the challenge guidelines with you and so I’m very excited to reveal that I have been able to recruit the same team that helped me with my 6 week challenge, to help you.

The challenge is very achievable and I found it fun and motivating especially having a trainer nutrition guide at my ready. I began to notice some pretty quick changes.  I personally already had a fairly good diet and lifestyle and move my body frequently, but the challenge changed a few things up for me and gave me several light bulb moments.  As it stands my body shape has changed (and hopefully will continue to do so as I continue to follow the same principles), I’ve lost some weight (especially the dangerous visceral fat), my energy is excellent, I sleep deeper, I have less pain in my body and I feel wonderful.

So now I want to invite you to join us.

Here’s how.

On Sunday 20th May and Wednesday the 23rd of February I’m hosting an information session (webinar style and you only need to be at one of the two) in which you will have the opportunity to learn the full details of the challenge, I’ll introduce you to the experts behind it and ask any questions you might have.  This session is a prerequisite in signing up to the challenge because I want to ensure you have everything you need to participate and that your safety and support is the priority.

To join Sunday click here

To join Wednesday click here.

Be sure to click on the time that suits you best.  Spaces for both the info sessions and the challenge are limited so that we can best facilitate and support you.

I can’t WAIT to help you change up your health and take it to a new level.  We’ve done the hard part, now all you need to do is participate.  Plus your hormones will ADORE you for it.

Meet the team

Joel Petite

Born & raised in Manchester England, Joel has an epic passion for all things sport & fitness.  Joel is hugely passionate and committed to helping people achieve their dreams in living healthy & full lives.  Master Trainer – Institute of fitness & a bunch of additional qualifications to boot.

Kirby Collins

Dr Kirby loves 4 things, Crossfit, great food, helping people perform at their best and Rufus (her chocolate lab). Kirby is a Chiropractor in Melbourne and loves helping everyday people live extraordinary lives through education of proper nutrition, recovery and exercise.

Don’t forget to REGISTER for the INFO session this coming – Sunday or Wednesday!

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