Season 2 – Episode 61: How to raise kids with allergies with Sharon Selby

Sharon Selby had her own fair share of health challenges.  After moving to Australia she developed asthma and hay fever which saw 8 rounds of steroids over 2 years.  She experienced many side effects and knew she needed to get off the merry go round.  And she did.  So it was no surprise that when her son developed allergies she got curious as to how she could support him to live symptom free.  Now Sharon has helped 100’s of mothers do the same and take charge of their child and families health.

Sharon shares;
+ How her Asthma and Hay-fever vanished
+ Her own struggles and being terrified of food
+ The pivotal point in helping others – after seeing 1000’s of mothers watch their children get sicker and more frazzled and how this was the beginning of her programs
+ The cycle of ’sickness’ care 
+ What measurable goals he advocates for
+ The one thing all moths must do to get the best results
+ Why the current model isn’t helping parents lead their children to better health
+ Environmental triggers of allergies
+ How to address fussy eaters
And so much more.
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