Season 2 – Episode 29: Understanding your Uniqueness & Human Design with Shayna & Dana

Human design is the science of differentiating synthesis based on 4 ancient modalities. Think of it as your own personal manual to help you understand your own uniqueness. Dana and Shayna from Day Luna help us to understand how this is a powerful tool you can adapt to not only help you understand your life’s purpose but also those around you including your children and loved ones.

Dana and Shayna talk more about:

+ The steps involved in creating your human design chart by date of birth, time of birth and location and how these play a role in ‘stamping’ you with your unique traits and abilities

+ How the human design chart helps put the pieces to gather of your own flow and how you are mean’t to ‘be’ in the world

+ The role that conditioning plays and how it can set us of course from how we act and behave

+ How to finally understand your unique purpose

And so much more.

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