My focus as always, is totally drawn to being as transparent and aligned to my vision as possible.  For me, stepping into my truth and owning who I am is a must.  Leading from my heart always wins and I hope this is evident to you as a reader too.

I know there has been a lot of confusion around health professionals as of late.  I know it’s left many people questioning and second guessing themselves too, which in complete honesty makes me a little sad because at the end of it all, the vast majority of humans are good and do good.  If you’ve felt victim to questioning yourself and those you’ve previously trusted, I’m here today for two reasons.  Firstly to encourage you to always follow your gut feeling, no matter what.  Secondly, I want to put your mind at ease a little.  I’ve sat, and I’ve pared it all away for you today, for a little snippet into who I am and what I do to hopefully answer any questions AND to open it up to you, if you have any questions you’d like to throw my way, appropriate to me and what I do (let’s leave the specific health questions to ‘Ask Dr Nat’ which features every Tuesday on Facebook).  I’m keen to support you in your health journey, no matter what.

Nat x


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