Period Party Episode #63 – Sex after baby…

Does it actually exist?  I can hand on heart say that I very specifically told (ok that’s a lie, I barked at) Chris not to come within 10 meters of me after the birth of my first child, Olivia.  I clearly remember saying, you saw what just happened, I’m not sure I’ll ever let you near me again!  I’m fairly sure I’m not abnormal – there are many women out there who feel the same way.  In episode #63 of The Period Party, Nicole and I talk with Stephanie Jirochholistic sex educator and empowerment coach – the woman on a mission to help you reclaim your mojo.  Um hello!


In this episode we’re getting into:

  1. Reclaiming your sex drive after baby’s birth
  2. Navigating the motherhood archetype as a multi-dimensional woman
  3. What it means to be both sexual and nurturing
  4. Stephanie’s best tips to regain your autonomy during the post-partum phase
  5. How to reconnect with your partner sexually amidst the hormonal ups and downs of post pregnancy.

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