I might be on holidays but I’m excited to pop by and announce our NEW ALL INCLUDED book bundles.  That’s all our books available in the one package – for a limited time only.

For the first 30 people who purchase the hardcopy version – you will receive a SIGNED copy!

Introducing ‘The Everything Bundle!’  


Your hard copy of Well & Good PLUS a copy of Cleanse Yourself (e-book) AND Debunking PCOS (e-book) all for just $48 SAVE $28.95! (yup, I’ve lost my mind!)  That literally means you’re getting the e-books for FREE.

*available to Australian residents only.

AND ‘The Everything ebook Bundle’


Your e-versions of Well & Good, Cleanse Yourself and Debunking PCOS for $29!  That’s a saving of $19!!

These bundles are available for a short time only.  I’m excited to give you access to all our e-books for a special price making it more accessible for you to help you get clued up on your health and supercharge your wellbeing.

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